President’s Message

Dear visitor of our web site, Dear Members of ICOM Armenia, Dear colleagues,

It is an honor to Chair the ICOM National Committee of Armenian museums. For the first decade of its existence relatively young ICOM Armenia has built up the largest network of the local museum professionals. In a short time it determined its important role in the transformation processes of Armenian museums and museum related fields in all over the country.
I have developed my professional career within ICOM Armenia, ICOM CECA and the National Gallery of Armenia where I work since 2005.
I strongly believe in the big potential of the team work and happy to work with the distinguished members of the Board of ICOM Armenia.
ICOM Armenia and its team has been in the next to the museum community bringing its voice to the national, regional and international levels, facing the and finding solutions to the challenges.
We are open to advice, support or encourage the new initiatives and ideas of the members of ICOM Armenia and the museums workers that are streamed to foster and promote museum work, practice and theory.
Looking forward to work with you for the enhancement, promotion and protection of museums.

Best Wishes,

Ani Avagyan

Chair of ICOM Armenia
Director of ROCHEMP Regional Center of
Cultural Heritage Enhancement, Management and Protection